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Tired of your pet turning your house into a toilet? Still going to the store and buying hundreds of pee sheets every month that leak? or wasteful tissues that drain hundreds of dollars every year? We've been there too, and so have 95% of our pad users! Would you rather spend your money on 2 Reusable Eco-friendly Pads or a 1000 Wasteful Sheets every year?


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Customer Reviews

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Hayden D.

Excellent!! These are exactly what we've been looking for, holds onto pee very well. I've got a 12 year old dog who has a few accidental leaks so I keep the a pad under his bed and one next to it.

Marie Taylor

Two of these pads are all you need for at least a good 2 years, saves a lot of money on the long run. I've been using your pads for the past 9 months, and all I can say is that they are EXCELLENT! Very high quality design and lasts very long. I was also not expecting these pads to hold poop just as well it does with pee, no stains and very minimum odor coming through. My dog, Sammy, also likes to chew on things but these pads are strong. I use 2 pads because from my experience you can keep one pad up for 2 days at least then you can switch them and wash every fourth day or on Fridays as I do. I wash with a hose, sometimes even with a shower head or a washing machine. I highly recommend these, only problem is they sell out very fast. I will be buying 2 more as soon as you guys restock.


Great pads, I first bought 2 to test and the results were amazing! I've got two puppies and they need a bit of training, used normal pee sheets before but they were useless and very wastefull. This however Absorbs urine and odor very quickly, is extremely easy to clean. I bought another 2 about three weeks ago and I keep 1 pad below their water & food bowl so if they make a mess I can easily clean and 1 pad for when we drive somewhere, vets, groomers, or trips. Highly recommend giving them a try, youll never go back to non reusable sheets.

Nikki W.

My dog has a heart condition that requires her to take meds that not only produce more tinkle but also increases her thirst which, well.... causes more soiling. She can no longer make it through the night without soiling the bed and even a doggy diaper is no use, she soils right through it. So, we put her in the kennel and she was soiling that and we decided to get doggy disposables. That was great but they were expensive. Now, these are washable, reusable and works very well. I'm so glad they make something like this.

B Mcdowell

I have bought several washable peepads that say absorbent and waterproof. Well... needless to say I’ve been disappointed.. BUT WAIT.... THESE ARE THE BEST PADS BY FAR. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THEM AND AM GOING TO BE ORDERING MORE. IM GLAD THEY ARE BACK IN STOCK!!.
They wash and dry quickly. When my dogs pee it actually doesn’t take up half the pad. It stays confined to a small spot. I would highly recommend these. Im thrilled !!💕💕💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾

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