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    Excellent!! These are exactly what we've been looking for, holds onto pee very well. I've got a 12 year old dog who has a few accidental leaks so I keep the a pad under his bed and one next to it.

    MisterPaw's Pee Pads
    Marie Taylor

    Two of these pads are all you need for at least a good 2 years, saves a lot of money on the long run. I've been using your pads for the past 9 months, very high quality design and lasts very long. They are EXCELLENT! I was not expecting these pads to hold poop just as well it does with pee, no stains and very minimum odor coming through. My dog, Sam, also likes to chew on things but these pads are strong. Two pads or more is certainly the best because you can switch them every third day and wash the other with a hose, tap or a washing machine. I highly recommend these, only problem is they sell out very fast. I will be buying 2 more as soon as you guys restock.

    I am a pet owner and have both a dog and a cat. Pet hair is something that is constantly a part of my life unfortunately. I bought this pet glove gift set, and I am so pleased with the quality of these products. They came packaged beautifully and even came with a free gift (pet shower brush) which is so handy and helpful to have alongside the pet gloves. me and my pets love this product so much and I am glad I purchased it for them! I will definitely be buying from them again, and the shipping was crazy fast which is also amazing! Highly recommend for any pet parents or for a gift.

    I bought a set for myself to use as I was looking for something that’s better quality than the cheapies currently on the market all claiming to be “premium”. I liked what I saw in the images so thought I’d give it a try. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but was blown away by the quality of the gloves and the overall package so decided to buy another as a gift for my bestie.
    The bath brush is handy too and I like the idea of using the gloves as a dry grooming tool at night and make use of the brush when I give my Lab a bath.
    Anddd they’ve provided a storage bag too!
    A purchase I’d Highly recommend!

    I've always been a little afraid of trimming my dogs nails for fear of cutting too short. I have 2 small dogs and their nails grow fast, so I finally decided it was time to learn because paying to have them trimmed so frequently was too expensive. This grinder came with information on how to trim the nail which made me feel more confident. The grinder worked great and it was my first time using it. I was able to use by myself without having someone else hold my dogs. Both of my dogs did really well with the grinder. I allowed them to get adjusted to the sound first and rewarded them with treats throughout the process. The wiggled a bit at times, but overall stayed still and allowed me to trim. I love how quiet the grinder is. I included a video so hopefully you can hear that it is quiet. The video was taken after I had trimmed my dogs nails and as you can tell they were not fearful of it at all afterwards. Highly recommend!

    Wow!!! I have had 3 dog nail grinders in the past. This one beats all of them by far!! The other ones had good reviews on Amazon and did the job, but this one goes above and beyond. It it very quiet on both settings, which is great, especially for skittish pups. It is sooo fast! I have 3 dogs and it would take several minutes per dog, about 30 minutes total. Not with this one. All 3 were done in less than 10 and they were much shorter and looked better than when using the other grinders. It also didn't get nearly as hot as the other ones do. I am very impressed. The packaging is nice. It has everything you need. The company sent paper manuals, but also an email copy. There is also a lifetime warranty. I would definitely recommend this grinder to any dog owners!

    Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it! We bought the small size. It’s incredibly soft and well padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that she can “burrow” into them. She’ll often put her leg(s) or head into that area. It’s as comfortable when placed on our hardwood floors as when it’s on the sofa. I’ve posted pictures of Lucy enjoying her bed on Facebook and Instagram, and already a few friends are going to order one for their own dogs. If they came in human size, I’d be tempted to order one for myself! 😁

    Artemis loves this product.
    As a Malinois, Artemis doesnt shed much, but when it is blow out season... holy dang you need 5 lint rollers, a vacuum, and what ever strength you can muster just to get through the day. This brush makes it so easy just to brush her out while petting her.
    We do use other, harder brushes, but those arent mean for daily use and can be pretty damaging to the fur. You can almost feel how gentle this brush is when using it.
    If you are just doing a light brushing where not much fur comes of, I just recommend using a vacuum to suck off the fur, because in order to pull it off it seems like it has to be a pretty good amount of fur before you can pull it off the glove easily.
    We also recommend it for dogs who might be scared of brushes, as our other dog is. She hates to be brushed but absolutely loved the scritches that these gloves provide.

    It came thank you. I
    Have two frenchie, a pug, two cats and three yorkies. Just had a quick try and they all
    Love the hand glove. Cats hate being brushed yet the seemed to love the glove loads of hair came out xx

    Well one cat loved it she loves being brushed amd this made it more fun, the other cat who doesnt like being brushed appeard to some what like this and we had fun with it too eventually im sure she will love it top

    We had just got back from the dog park when the package was waiting at the door. As soon as I opened it up, she thought it was a giant toy, but then immediately came in and slumped, falling asleep before we had time to give her dinner. She hasnt tried to eat it yet, so thats nice. We ordered a medium for her, a jackrussel/pit thick little lady. Its big enough for me to awkwardly lie inside with her and watch her sleep, so yeahml. Pretty perfect. I'm sure she would leave this review if she could.

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt this one warranted one! I have a 6 year old mini dachshund and trimming nails has always been rough!! Screaming and biting (from the dog). I’ve tried other nail grinders and she was terrified of them. I came across this one and thought I’d give it a try. It took only 5 minutes to do ALL FOUR paws! She held perfectly still and didn’t fight me a single bit!! She even wagged her tail when we were done!! Hallelujah I think we found the tool for us!!!

    My chihuahua loves it! She has a couple beds to lay on through out my house and this is the bed she always chooses. Its very soft and cozy. I will most likely buy another one when the small size is available again. Great buy!

    Item came on the scheduled delivery date, in perfect condition! Quality of the iyem is also great! Not had the chance to use on my dogs yet but work great for small mammals like rabbits too. Easily gathers loose hairs up! Would 100% recommend this product!

    MisterPaw's Grooming Gloves
    Jayne Marquardt

    After reading all the positive reviews on this item i decided to take note and ordered them. As soon as they arrived I tried them out on our 2 cats. Marvellous. Lots of hair on the gloves within a minute of using so very pleased. The spikes are all over these gloves not just the fingertips which is much better. The gloves are also very flexible so you can get into places hard brushes can't. I did think that one glove would do the job but 2 gloves are soooo much quicker. So I would definitely recommend to anyone a bit sceptical.

    Really useful gloves! But only if you can sneak them on before the dogs run for the hills! For some reason they love it when your doing it but don’t want to stick around to see what happens when you put them on?? Maybe something that could be looked into at design stage to make them less ‘scary’ to dogs??

    I received these today in high end packaging complete with clear instructions on what to do if not satisfied. Misterpaws confident in the quality of their product will always offer clear instructions should a buyer need to get in touch.
    I let my cockatoo get used to the gloves on the floor before I used them.
    After first use, the dog tolerated them well and lots of loose fur was trapped in the rubber. Fur easily removed and binned.

    This is the second nail grinder I purchased for use with my 7 pound maltipoo. The first one we purchased was too loud and after several tries, I gave up on it. THIS ONE, however, is much quieter PLUS it gave helpful hints to get pets accustomed to having their nails done. I tried it as suggested; with a handful of treats on the counter right next to the grinder, which was turned on. After a few minutes of feeding her treats next to the grinder, I simply picked up her paw and began using it on her nails. She turned her head away a bit, but kept on eating her treats while I was filing her nails! HORRAY!!

    Pup went right in and curled up. He is about 55lbs. Its a very soft and attractive bed. Thinking of getting another for the living room.

    This grinder was quick and easy to use on my 3-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer. While she's still fairly young and new to/scared of most things, she didn't seem to be bothered at all during the filing. I used the slower setting with the bigger filing top and it was very quiet. I love the fact that it's larger and extremely easy to hold, no slippage whatsoever! I actually clipped her nails prior to using this, but soon realized the grinder is so efficient that I can eliminate that step in the future! Her nails came out perfectly rounded with no sharp edges. Afterwards, she happily ran around the yard for hours while my husband finished building the fence, then promptly passed out for a nap once inside. She's happy, I'm happy, outstanding product! It's definitely a time saver and easier to maneuver than clippers.
    Instructions were easy to follow and a charger was included.

    My dog hates having her nails trimmed but she doesn't mind this at all. I trimmed her nails fairly short with a regular clippers to begin with and I now use this weekly to keep them short. A little desensitization training at first is helpful. I started by just turning it on and then giving her a treat. After doing this a few times, I tried it on her nails-just one foot at a time and then I would give her a break. I did all 4 feet by the end of the day this way. She really just didn't pay any attention to it at all. Now I can do all 4 feet at the same time and she just lays there. It works best on high. I do think it would be difficult to start with long nails and trim them short with this, but it is great used regularly to keep them short once you have trimmed them short with a traditional trimmer.

    This bed arrived earlier than expected and came in quite a large box - probably 4' by 3'. A few minutes in the dryer and it was fluffy and sooooo comfy. I wish I could lay in it! For now, my cats haven't lain in it but it's only day one. I suspect this will be a huge hit very soon.

    It's the next morning and my cat has discovered this awesome bed. He's an adult so you can get a sense of how big the "small" bed is from the photo attached. Hoping my other cat will join him in it but may have to buy another one for her!

    Another update: looks like the jury's still out for my other cat. Hahahaha!

    Later: I'm noticing that my boy likes to burrow beneath the upper cushion. He often shoves his head down the gap between the cushion and the side (photo attached). He's pretty much given up his other sleeping areas in favour of this bed now!

    Was a bit sceptical at first but this is honestly the best way to brush my two cats - I don’t know how I put up with it before purchasing! It’s super easy to use and honestly gets so much hair out which then sticks to the glove so no mess!! My cats used to hate being brushed with a proper brush but as this offers a more personal touch (as if like giving them a stroke) they purr away contented. What’s a bonus is that if I do happen to annoy them whilst brushing, the glove fully protects my hand (Yes this is from experience)

    Great product material is a lot better than my previous gloves and you get a pair not a singular glove as well as a lovely gift.

    Brilliant product for grooming dogs of all ages and size and definitely work.

    This was highly recommended by some friends. We all have rabbits and they said this set is absolutely amazing. So I tried it and I agree with them 100%. I have tried so many other products and I am happy to say I won't need to try anymore.