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MisterPaw's Grooming Gloves


You grab a shirt, there's pet hair. You sit on your couch, there's pet hair. You go to groomers, now bills stack up... Oh yea!! We've been there too, and so have 97% of our customers! After multiple designs and countless hours, we've finally perfected the solution! MisterPaw's gloves not only do an outstanding job at making your pet look like a Superstar, but they also increase blood flow, allowing your fur buddy to negate 80% of excessive shedding, be less prone to fleas and diseases, and ultimately, live longer! Oh, and did you know these gloves are also a shower brush?


Customer Reviews

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Rodrick L.

I am a pet owner and have both a dog and a cat. Pet hair is something that is constantly a part of my life unfortunately. I bought this pet glove gift set, and I am so pleased with the quality of these products. They came packaged beautifully and even came with a free gift (pet shower brush) which is so handy and helpful to have alongside the pet gloves. me and my pets love this product so much and I am glad I purchased it for them! I will definitely be buying from them again, and the shipping was crazy fast which is also amazing! Highly recommend for any pet parents or for a gift.


I bought a set for myself to use as I was looking for something that’s better quality than the cheapies currently on the market all claiming to be “premium”. I liked what I saw in the images so thought I’d give it a try. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but was blown away by the quality of the gloves and the overall package so decided to buy another as a gift for my bestie.
The bath brush is handy too and I like the idea of using the gloves as a dry grooming tool at night and make use of the brush when I give my Lab a bath.
Anddd they’ve provided a storage bag too!
A purchase I’d Highly recommend!

Vince Hessel

Artemis loves this product.
As a Malinois, Artemis doesnt shed much, but when it is blow out season... holy dang you need 5 lint rollers, a vacuum, and what ever strength you can muster just to get through the day. This brush makes it so easy just to brush her out while petting her.
We do use other, harder brushes, but those arent mean for daily use and can be pretty damaging to the fur. You can almost feel how gentle this brush is when using it.
If you are just doing a light brushing where not much fur comes of, I just recommend using a vacuum to suck off the fur, because in order to pull it off it seems like it has to be a pretty good amount of fur before you can pull it off the glove easily.
We also recommend it for dogs who might be scared of brushes, as our other dog is. She hates to be brushed but absolutely loved the scritches that these gloves provide.


It came thank you. I
Have two frenchie, a pug, two cats and three yorkies. Just had a quick try and they all
Love the hand glove. Cats hate being brushed yet the seemed to love the glove loads of hair came out xx


Hi. I just love the gloves and rubber massager thing. One of my dogs does not like a brush or comb however soft it is and will certainly not let me touch his legs with the brush.
The gloves work a treat and he thinks he is just getting a massage.
My other dog in the picture loves them too and I get loads of hair from him especially around his back end.
I used the silicone scrubber when I gave him a shower and lots more hair came out and gave a good scrub right down to the skin.
I also found the glove very useful for going over the carpet with to pick up the loose hair.
They are both very comfortable to use and the hair is easily removed from both products.

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